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The Wrangel Island

The Wrangel Island  
Status of Property: State Nature Reserve

Area: 2.226 million ha

Situation: Included into the World Heritage List in 2004

Criteria: (ix) (x)


Coastal landscape of Wrangel Island  Landscape of Wrangel Island  Polar bear family

Polar poppy  Landscape of Wrangel Island  Landscape of Wrangel Island


The islands of Wrangel and Herald boast Arctic's richest flora and fauna biodiversity. Here we can see a mixture of typically Arctic and relatively southern - Asian and American taxones. The vegetation communities include Pleistocene relics that in certain places form landscapes, which is why the landscapes of the two islands are a lot closer to those of the Pleistocene than most of the others existing today.

The islands represent unique flora communities and endemic soil types and home 40 endemic species and sub-species of vascular plants, insects, birds and mammals (lemmings). Some of them are relic and belong to the smallest in number populations in the world.

The islands and the waters around them compose a key area for a whole number of rare and specially protected birds and animals. The area accounts for the largest bird rookeries in East Arctic.