The Natural Heritage Protection Fund was established in 2000 in compliance with article 17 of the UNESCO Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The Fund's priority is the overall support of World Heritage sites, as well as obtaining this status for new natural sites both in Russia and the CIS.

Natural properties inscribed on the World Heritage List
Natural properties inscribed on the Tentative List
Potential Natural properties for inscription on Tentative List

The Fund promotes technical and financial assistance to World Heritage sites, including the enhancement of heritage sites in compliance with the Convention and the development of management plans, conducts seminars for the employees, promotes Convention and World Heritage sites in Russia and abroad, and assists the development of alternative nature management practices.

The Fund coordinates interaction of World Heritage sites, regional non-governmental and scientific organizations with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and other international and Russian environmental, scientific and financial organizations working in the framework of the Convention.

The main lines of activity:

  • Protection of nature and natural heritage of Russia;
  • Preparation of nomination files for natural sites nominated to the World Heritage List;
  • Fundraising for the all-round support and conservation of Russian World Natural Heritage (WNH) properties;
  • Publishing projects, popularization of both the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and the World Heritage sites;
  • Employment of the UNESCO means and instruments for the preservation and support of unique natural complexes;
  • The World Natural Heritage sites' state of conservation control and monitoring;
  • Promotion of the alternative nature use activities in the territories of the World Natural Heritage sites;
  • Ecological education; dissemination of ecological knowledge; spreading of ecological information.