About the Fund

Publishing projects

Raising public awareness of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and of the significance of the unique natural complexes recognized as the World Heritage is an important component of the fund's activity.

In 2002 the Fund, together with Greenpeace Russia, published an Informational Booklet "Russian Natural Heritage"  (reverse  ).

In 2006 the Fund has initiated and supported publication of the special issue of the Russian Conservation News. Special Issue  (cover  ), dedicated to the Russian Natural World Heritage sites, and the booklet "Natural World Heritage in Russia. 10 years of Russian-German Collaboration"  .

In 2007 the Fund published the Book of materials of the International conference "Natural World Heritage in Russia. 10 years of Russian-German cooperation" , and the Russian version of the World Heritage Information Kit  .

In 2008 the booklet "Volga Delta - potential World Heritage site"  has been published. The booklet is based on the materials of the Volga Delta nomination dossier prepared jointly by the Natural Heritage Protection Fund, the Astrakhansky State Biosphere Reserve, RAS Institute of Geography, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov and the Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S. Likhachev with the assistance of the EURONATUR (Germany) and the UNDP/GEF project "Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region" in 2007-2008.

In 2009-2015 the booklets "Virgin Komi Forests" - Russia's first Natural World Heritage Property" , "Golden Mountains of Altai - World Heritage Property" and "Volcanoes of Kamchatka – the World Heritage Property" , "Lena Pillars Nature Park - Potential World Heritage Property"Landscapes of Dauria Potential Serial Transnational World Heritage Property, have been published by the Natural Heritage Protection Fund in consort with the Institute of Geography of the RAS, Pechoro-Ilichsky, Katunsky and Kronotsky Reserves, Yugyd Va National Park, Lena Pillars Nature Park, Daurski Reserve. Booklets continue Fund's publishing project concerning existing and potential Russia's World Natural Heritage Properties including the properties already inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List / UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List and promising candidates for the inscription as World Heritage Properties.

The fund members have written a number of scientific and popular science articles on the Natural Heritage of Russia.