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World Natural Heritage Territories in Russia and Ecological Tourism (RSS Final Report)


Number of contract and the name of grant holder: #. 941. 0, Mr. Alexey Butorin

Full title of the project: "World Natural Heritage Territories in Russia and Ecological Tourism."

Names, citizenship and affiliation of the participants:

  1. Chizova Vera - Russian, Geography Department, Moscow State University

  2. Kononov Jury - Russian, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

  3. Shishin Mikhail - Russian, Altaisky State Institute of Art and Culture

  4. Ochagov Dmitri - Russian, All-Russian Research Institute for Nature Protection

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Owing to the financial support of RSS Foundation, works within the framework of the project “World Natural Heritage Territories in Russia and Ecotourism” were led during two years. The project made possible to get concrete scientific and practical results in each of three projected directions of work: defining of recreational potential of the World Natural Heritage (WNH) sites, researching the state of conservation of WNH sites and preparation of basis for nominating new territories for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thus, were have worked out and field tested methods of defining the recreational potential of Especially Protected Natural Territories (EPNT) of different levels. The workgroup has carried out field research and worked out detailed recommendations for developing the tourist activity in Ubsunursky and Kavkazsky state nature preserves, “Curonian Spit” national park, “Bolshoi Thash” nature park and “Plateau Ukok” quiet zone. After the science tours the state of conservation reports on “Lake Baikal”, “Golden Mountains of Altai”, “Western Caucasus” EPNT were compiled and sent to the World Heritage Centre. Basis for inscription of “Valdai – the great watershed” site on the World Heritage List has been prepared. Together with Greenpeace Russia were organized and carried out evaluation trips for IUCN and ICOMOS representatives for evaluation of uniqueness of “Western Caucasus”, “The Ubsunur Hollow” and “Curonian Spit” natural sites. As the result of these expeditions last two sites were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (in 1999 and 2000). 17 articles were published in science and science-popular journals. Participants of the project took part in 12 national and international seminars and conferences, where they made reports on RSS project. The project caused high resonance and numerous Russian EPNT had already expressed their interest in carrying out similar works on their territory.


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