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Tentative List "Great Vasyugan Mire"

Tentative List

STATE PARTY: Russian Federation DATE OF SUBMISSION: 06/03/2007
Submission prepared by: Ministry of Natural Recourses of the RF
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Address: Fax:
Institution: Ministry of Natural Recourses of the RF Telephone:


Name of Property The Great Vasyugan mire
State, Province or Region Tomsk oblast, Bakcharskiy district
Latitude and Longitude or UTM coordinates Coordinates of the nominated territory:

• The farthest northern point: N56°58′51′′; E79°41′24′′
• The farthest southern point: N56°14′41′′; E81°34′34′′
• The farthest western point: N56°55′12′′; E79°35′30′′
• The farthest eastern point: N56°23′11′′; E82°25′17′′.

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