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Tentative List "Lena Pillars"

Tentative List

STATE PARTY: Russian Federation DATE OF SUBMISSION: 11/07/2006
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Name of Property Nature Park "Lena Pillars"
State, Province or Region

The Nature Park is located in Khangalassky ulus (region) of Yakutia.

Latitude and Longitude or UTM coordinates

The NP is located on the right bank of the river Lena middle stream.

Geographical coordinates of the nominated site:

• The utmost north point: 124°55′52′′ east longitude; 60°43′28′′ north latitude;
• The utmost south point: 127°16′30′′ east longitude; 60°49′00′′ north latitude;
•The utmost west point: 125°00′04′′ east longitude; 60 °44′ 49′′ north latitude;
• The utmost east point: 128°47′55′′ east longitude; 61 °15 ′57′′ north latitude

Area of the site: 485 000 ha.
Area of its buffer zone: 868 100 ha.

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