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Tentative List "Magadansky State Nature Reserve"

Tentative List

Name of country: Russian Federation

List drawn up by: Ministry of Natural Recourses of the RF

Date: 07/02/2005


Magadansky State Nature Reserve

The Reserve is located in the south-eastern part of the Magadan Region, near the northern coast of the Okhotsk Sea. The Reserve consists of 4 clusters: Kava-Chelomdjinsky, Olsky, Yamsky and Seimchansky. All clusters are separated and remoted from the Office of the Reserve (located in Magadan) at 100-600 km.

The clusters have the following average coordinates:

• Kava-Chelomdjinsky cluster: 146o50’E, 60o10’N
• Olsky cluster (Koni peninsula): 151o30’E, 59oN
• Yamsky cluster: 155o20’E, 59o20’N (marine part), 153o30’E, 59o45’N (coastal part)
• Seimchansky cluster: 153o E, 63o50’ N

The area of the Reserve (the territory, proposed for the inscription on the WH List) is 883 817 ha.

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