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Tentative List "Putorana Plateau"

Tentative List

Name of country: Russian Federation

List drawn up by: Ministry of Natural Recourses of the RF

Date: 07/02/2005


The Putorana plateau (Putoransky State Nature Reserve)

The Putoransky Reserve is located with the Putorana plateau, in the north-western part of the Central Siberian plateau, south of the Taimyr peninsula.

The territory of “The Putorana Plateau” nature complex is bordered by the following  geographical coordinates:

• northern point is 69o53’ N, 93o28’ E;
• southern point is 68o24’ N, 94o05’ E;
• western point is 69o00’ N, 91o45’ E;
• eastern point is 68o42’ N; 96o38’ E

The area of the Reserve (the territory, proposed for the inscription on the WH List) is 1 887 251 ha.

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