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Tentative List transnational serial nomination "Western Tien-Shan" (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Tentative List

STATE PARTY: Republic of Kazakhstan DATE OF SUBMISSION: 24.12.2009
Submission prepared by:
Name: Dr. Sergey Sklyarenko E-mail:
Address: of. 203, 40, Orbita-1, Almaty, 050043, Kazakhstan Fax: +7 727 2203877
Institution: Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan Telephone: +7 727 2203877


Name of Property Western Tien-Shan (transnational serial nomination)
State, Province or Region
Kazakhstan’s part of the transnational serial nomination includes 3 clusters:

1. Karatau State Nature Reserve (KSNR) – Turkestan district of South–Kazakhstan Region (34300 ha);
2. Aksu-Zhabagly State Nature Reserve (AZSNR) – Tulkubas, Tolebi and Baydibek districts of South- Kazakhstan region, Zhualyn district of Zhambyl region (131934 ha);
3. Sayram-Ugam State National Nature Park (SUSNNP) – Kazygurt, Tolebi and Tyulkubas districts of South-Kazakhstan region (149053 ha).

Area of the nominated object : 315287 ha
Buffer zone: 70290 ha
Total area: 385577 ha

Latitude and Longitude or UTM coordinates
Central coordinates:

KSNR - N43°44'00'' E068°40'44''
AZSNR - N42°16'34'' E070°40'27''
SUSNNP - N41°59'14'' E070°07'39''

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