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Working up the transboundary nomination "Western Tien-Shan"

Natural Heritage Protection Fund will take part as expert in the "Working up the transboundary multiple nomination "Western Tien-Shan" project which has started within the frames of the Global Strategy for working up a balanced, representative and reliable World Heritage List.

The first stage of the project - the regional meeting of Kasakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan specialists - will take place in Almaty on 18-19 of July with the support of the World Heritage Centre and UNESCO/Italian Trust Fund for World Heritage. During the meeting the International work group for the nomination preparation will be formed; fundraising activities will be planned; working schedule will be drawn up. It is also planned to define the boundary of the nominated property and its buffer zone, and the nominating criteria.

The area of the Western Tien-Shan has a high potential for inscription into the World Heritage List and has a chance to become the first site over the vast Central Asian region bearing the World Heritage status.