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Working group for Volga Delta nomination visits Astrakhansky Natural State Reserve

The working group for the preparation of the Volga Delta World Heritage nomination visited the Astrakhansky Natural State Reserve on August, 5-13, in the framework of the NHPF project "Specific Nature Conservation Measures in the Volga Delta". The trip was organized with the support of the Euronatur and the UNDP/GEF. Representatives of the NHPF, Moscow State University, the Institute of Geography RAS, the Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S. Likhachev took partin the trip.

The "Specific Nature Conservation measures in the Volga Delta" project provides for the preparation of a nomination dossier for the Volga Delta World Heritage site, the development of a management plan for the Astrakhansky Natural State Reserve, the creation of GIS database for the Lower Volga region and the provision of technical equipment and implements to the Astrakhansky Reserve and the Stepnoy Game Reserve (Zakaznik). The work is scheduled to to be completed by the end of 2007. According to agreements reached during the trip, the expediency of nominating the Volga Delta natural property for inscription on the World Heritage List will be considered by a working group established by the Government of the Astrakhansky Oblast'.