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The Lena Pillars Natural Park World Heritage nomination is determined technically complete

The Lena Pillars nomination dossier, prepared and submitted to the World Heritage Center by the Russian Federation in 2007, met all of the technical requirements outlined in the Operational Guidelines concerning nominations to the World Heritage List and is determined to be technically "complete".

This information appears in a letter of Francesco Bandarin, Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, dated March 20, 2008. The letter also contains a request to provide the World Heritage Center with the following:

  • Finalized version of a Management Plan for the Lena Pillars Natural Park;
  • Additional information on the state of conservation of the Park's area;
  • Separate list of plant and animal species for each part of the Park.

Currently the nomination file is sent to IUCN for evaluation and further arrangement of an expert evaluation mission to Moscow, Yakutsk and to the nominated property. The mission is to operate in summer-autumn 2008. Basing on the results of the mission as well as on the opinion of independent experts, IUCN will elaborate recommendations to the XXIII Session of the WH Committee where a decision will be made on the inscription or non-inscription of the Lena Pillars on to the World Heritage List.

The Lena Pillars nomination is the result of successful collaboration of a line of Yakut and Moscow organizations: Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolitozone of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RSA), Yakutsk State University, Institute of Diamonds and Noble Metal Geology of the SB RSA, The Lena Pillars Nature Park, Geography Institute of the RSA, the Likhachev Cultural and Natural Heritage Institute and the Natural Heritage Protection Fund.