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Documents on presenting Kungurskaya Ice Cave to World Heritage List submitted to Ministry of Natural Resources

The set of documents compiled by the Institute of mines of the Ural department of the Russian Academy of Sciences contains the nomination dossier and the application to suggest the historical-natural complex "The Ice Mountain and the Kungurskaya Ice Cave" for the Tentative List of the Russian Federation. In the near future another candidate for the status of the World Heritage property may be added to the Tentative List for the Russian Federation, which at present features 7 natural and 2 mixed properties.

The administration of the Perm region and the ministry of Natural Resources backed the nomination, which includes the regional Specially Protected Nature Area "The Ice Mountain and the Kungurskaya Ice Cave" (total area 106 ha). The Kungurskaya Ice Cave is nominated as a natural property, which meets all four natural criteria.