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Repeated IUCN expert mission to Putorana Reserve completed

During 3-9 of September repeated IUCN expert mission to Putorana Reserve, Moscow and Norilsk came about over solution of a problem of inclusion of a natural site "Putorana Plateau" in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the visit, the IUCN expert primarily studied the issues that forbid inscribing the Reserve to the World Heritage List over the results of the first mission in August 2007.

Thus, an expert took a look at the recently adopted management plan of the Putorana Reserve, at the state of its buffer zone, took more acknowledgment of a State's interest over inscribing the "Putorana Plateau" to the World Heritage List. IUCN specialist met with the reserve staff, as well as researchers of the Extreme North Agricultural Research Institute and the Museum of History and Development of the Norilsk Industrial Area, "Norilsk Nickel", Museum of History and Development of the Norilsk industrial region. To assess the status of the buffer zone of the reserve and to assess its compliance with the stated criteria of outstanding universal value (criteria vii and ix) and integrity a water route Norilka river - Small lake - Lama lake was put in. On the 9 of September a final meeting between the expert and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia held in Moscow.

As a result of mission the expert will draw up a report on which basis the IUCN will present its recommendations for the next, 34th Session of the World Heritage Committee, which held in July 2010 in Brasilia (Brazil). The session will adopt a resolution over inscribing the Putorana Reserve in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nomination "Putorana Plateau" prepared within the 2000-2008 in the frame of Russian-German inter-governmental agreement over environmental cooperation. The Natural Heritage Protection Fund took part in this project under the character of coordinator. Scientists from the Dresden University of Technology from the German side and reserve staff, Institute of Geography RAS and Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D. S. Likhachev from the Russian side.