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"The Nation Natural heritage - 2010" awards announced

"Zvorykinsky project" of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs under the auspices of the Nation Natural Heritage Protection Council and Interregional public organization for promotion of Natural Heritage in regions "The Nation Natural Heritage" has announced an awards "The Nation Natural Heritage - 2010".

The awards aims at promoting the protection of Natural Heritage of Russian regions as one of the important values of Russia and a part of the World's Natural Heritage through the creation and implementation of innovative ideas, programs, projects and research works of young people of Russian regions.

The participation in the awards is open to high school students, secondary and higher education institutions. Participants provided the awards organizing committee with its innovative research work, idea, program, project or research work on the Nature and Environment protection, environment management and subsurface management, environmental problems solution and tasks in any of the nominations of the awards:

  • Forest conservation in Russian regions;
  • Preservation of rivers and lakes in Russian regions;
  • Conservation of protected natural areas;
  • Protection of plants and animals;
  • the environment of cities and settlements;
  • Disposal of garbage and waste;
  • Environmental and ecological activities on enterprises;
  • Transport: environmental problems;
  • Human health and the environment;
  • Environmental education and training, forming the culture of nature love.

The awards will be conducted in two phases: a preliminary - from 15 February to 31 May 2010, the final phase will take place within the frame of the Forum "Seliger 2010" from 9 to 17 July 2010. Call for bids through Project's website.

Winners are awardees prized by medals, prizes and diplomas. Finalists are invited to take part in the final competition, which will be held in the frame of the shift "Zvorykinsky project" under Forum "Seliger 2010" from 9 to 17 July 2010.

Call for bids deadline - May 31, 2010 through e-form in "Member area".

More: http://konkurs.innovaterussia.ru/competitions/31