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Management plan of Astrakhansky State Nature Reserve, which claimed to be inscribed on the Russian Tentative List, was developed

Within the framework of the UNDP/GEF project "Biodiversity conservation of the Lower Volga wetlands" a medium-term management plan of Astrakhansky State Nature Biosphere Reserve using management GIS was developed by Natural Heritage Protection Fund together with Astrakhansky Reserve, nonprofit organization "Transparent World" and attracted specialists in the context of reserve management and studies.

Reserve territory is a part of "The Volga Delta" international importance wetlands (Ramsar wetlands) and a part of functional world biosphere reserve net under the guidance of UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere". Existence of management plan not only corresponds to biosphere reserve concept, but also a compulsory requirement of Ramsar Convention.

The goal of the work lied in advancing of Astrakhansky Reserve management and providing a planned basis of Reserve sustainable development. Management plan, which was developed, include a list of certain measures in the context of natural complexes conservation and security efficiency upgrading, scientific research, environmental monitoring and environmental education conducting. All measures are planned on the basis of spatial analysis of the situation and attached to certain sites depending on results of such analysis.

The important component of the work was contained in cooperation with local community, regional agencies of public authority and local authority, landowners and land users, scientific and educational institutions, nongovernmental conservation organizations. For this purpose working conferences with bidding of interested organizations and local community representatives was hold where ways and opportunities of further Reserve development and reaching a consensus on cases in point was defined.

In the course of work a major step was made in Reserve GIS filling up, its implementation and practical use for management purposes, and also in Reserve staff mastering of new methods of environmental administration and planning.

  • Astrakhansky State Nature Biosphere Reserve management plan for 2010-2015  [rus]