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A press conference devoted to prospects to nominate the Permsky Krai natural objects for the World Heritage status was held in Perm

Participants of the discussion have uniformly concluded about the necessity to make further work for inscription besides Kungurskaya and Ordynskaya caves (related works have been performed since 2008), also the brightest displays of the Permian karst plateau which joints a whole set of objects being unique under its natural value on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A resonant “Permian period’s park” working title of the future nomination was offered.

Maxim Shingarkin, vice-chairman of the State Duma Committee of the natural resources, nature use and ecology, Vsevolod Stepanitsky, deputy director of department of the state policy and regulation in the field of the environmental protection of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Alexey Butorin, president of the Natural Heritage Protection Fund, Jury Stepanov,  academic secretary of the Mining Institute of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nikolay Maksimovich, deputy director for research of the Institute of Natural Sciences of the Perm State National Research University, Roman Yushkov, head of green Ecological Club Eikumena, and other representatives of public and research organizations of Perm have discussed the prospects to create the World Heritage sites, as well as the new specially protected natural areas of the regional and federal level in the Permsky Krai.

An overriding necessity to grant the territory status of the natural park of the regional significance was agreed during the discussion. It has also been resolved to invite to perform in-field studies, an expert of IUCN who shall make a preliminary evaluation of the territory and give recommends on the inscription of that or another objects of the Permian karst plateau on the serial nomination structure.

Required letters and requests of the State Duma will soon be directed to the address of the Governor of the Permsky Krai, and also to the Ministry of Natural Resources of RF.