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Transnational Russian and Mongolian nomination “Landscapes of Dauria” was determined to be incomplete

According to the procedure rules, "Landscapes of Dauria” nomination submitted to the World Heritage Centre on January 31, 2013, has been technically reviewed for its completeness during February. As a result of the expert evaluation the nomination was determined to be incomplete under two reasons as follows.

  • The Mongolian side of the proposed transnational property was included in the Tentative List of Mongolia on 11 October 2012, less than one year prior to the submission of the nomination, as required by paragraph 65 of the Operational Guidelines,
  • The maps annexed to the nomination text are inadequate to unequivocally identify the boundaries for the proposed property.

The letter of Mr. Kishore Rao, Director of the World Heritage Centre (WHC), includes offer to submit the revised nomination file to the WHC by 30 September 2013 for considering the issue of inscription of "Landscapes of Dauria” on the List at 39th session of the World Heritage Committee to be held in the summer of 2015.