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The preparation of the transnational nomination "Daurian Steppes" renewed

The annual international conference on "Environmental cooperation of the Trans-Baikal region (Russia), the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia (China) and the Eastern aimak (Mongolia) in the transboundary ecological regions" held in Chita on the 21-23 of October. Within the conference a workshop "The preparation of the transnational nomination "Daurian Steppes" as a World Natural Heritage site" took place.

During the workshop the specific steps for the preparation of the nomination were discussed, a plan schedule was drawn up. According to the preliminary agreement, the nominated site will include State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Daursky" and the Federal Preserve "Tsasucheysky Bor" (Russia), a Strictly Protected Natural Area "Daguur Mongol" (Mongolia). The inclusion of the Biosphere Reserve "Dalai Nor" (China) as the part of the site demands an additional discussion with the Chinese. As the working versions of Russian and the Mongolian part of the nomination have already been prepared, the workshop target group came to terms to transfer the unit nomination dossier to the UNESCO World Heritage Center before the 30 of September, 2010.

Russian part of the nomination has been prepared in 2002-2004 by the specialists from the Daursky Reserve, Natural Heritage Protection Fund, Greenpeace Russia, Institute of Geography of the RAS, Moscow State University. The "Daurian Steppes" site has been included in the Tentative List of the Russian Federation on the 7 of  February, 2005.