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“Landscapes of Dauria”, the transnational Russian and Mongolian nomination, has been successfully checked for completeness in the World Heritage Centre.

In the beginning of October, Russia has passed a number of large scale topographic maps providing sufficient details with regard to the nominated site and its buffer zone to the World Heritage Centre. Besides, one year has already passed after the inscription of the Mongolian part related to the transnational property on the Tentative List of Mongolia. Therefore, both reasons under which the nomination was determined to be incomplete in February 2013 (ref. to news item as of 04.03.2013) were removed. This information was communicated to the Russian party by Mr. Rao, Director of the World Heritage Centre.

In accordance with Paragraph 61 of the Operational Guidelines, the Committee set an overall limit to the number of complete nominations (45) that could be transmitted to the Advisory Bodies for evaluation each year. If "Landscapes of Dauria" is selected among other nominations (the respective news will appear on 1 March 2014), the evaluation mission of IUCN experts will occur in Summer–Autumn 2014, and the nomination will be examined at the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee in 2015.

"Landscapes of Dauria" nomination is the fourteenth nature nomination, submitted by Russia for the inclusion in the World Heritage List after the Convention signing in 1988. Ten of the previously nominated Russian nature properties have already been included in the List within the period from 1995 to 2012. 

The nomination was prepared in 2012 by Russian and Mongolian experts supported by the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany. The coordinator of the project was the Natural Heritage Protection Fund.