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Results of completeness check with regard to ‘The Landscapes of Dauria’ and ‘The Virgin Komi Forests’ nominations

According to the Operational Guidelines, during February, experts from the World Heritage Centre have checked nominations which were submitted till February 1 for completeness. As a result of such evaluation, a transnational Russian and Mongolian nomination The Landscapes of Dauria has been found complete and will be submitted for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 39th session in summer 2015.

A new nomination The Virgin Komi Forests (significant modification of boundaries with regard to the property already on the List) has been found incomplete and can be filed again till February 1 ,2015 after the faults noted in the comments by the World Heritage Centre have been eliminated. 

Russian and Mongolian nomination ‘The Landscapes of Dauria’ was found incomplete in February 2013 (news item as of 04.03.2013), but after remedial actions being taken, it has been successfully re-evaluated. As soon as 1.5-year evaluation cycle is over, the World Heritage Committee will determine the future of the nomination in summer 2015. A field expert mission of IUCN to the property, a key event being part of this evaluation cycle, will be approximately held in September 2014.

The nomination was prepared by Russian and Mongolian experts supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety of Germany. The Natural Heritage Protection Fund acted as project coordinator. 

A new nomination titled ‘The Virgin Komi Forests’ has been found incomplete as it was not included on the Tentative List of Russian properties and also fails to meet standard requirements in its key sections Comparative Analysis and Proposed Statement of Outstanding Universal Value.

The nomination was prepared by Yugyd Va National Park and Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve.