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Concerning the decision of the World Heritage Committee on joint Russian–Mongolian nomination The Landscapes of Dauria

On July 3, as part of the 39th session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Bonn, they considered a matter on the inscription of a transnational Russian–Mongolian nomination The Landscapes of Dauria on the World Heritage List.

When discussing the proposed dossier, international experts from Algeria, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Qatar, India, Portugal, Senegal, Serbia, Turkey and Japan shared their positive attitude as to the Outstanding Universal Value available for the property.

A set of government support and regulatory measures taken by Russia and Mongolia to develop a joint nomination was mentioned. The participants also mentioned a high level of bilateral relationship between interested government and non-government organizations of two countries. Due to this fact, the Committee considered it possible to take an extremely favorable decision related to the nomination and grant Russia and Mongolia the right to finalize the joint dossier and re-submit it to be considered by the World Heritage Committee at the next session in 2016.

⃰The information was provided by the Permanent Delegation of the Russian Federation to UNESCO.

Decision 39 COM 8B.4 (Landscapes of Dauria)