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The preparation of the Russian–Mongolian nomination "Daurian Steppes" has started

The international working meeting devoted to the preparation of the transnational nomination "Daurian Steppes" (the alternative name, "Daurian Landscapes") was held on February 14–17, 2012 in Chita. The nomination will include the near-border Russian and Mongolian territories under protection located inside the Daurian steppe ecoregion: the Daursky State Nature Biosphere Reserve and the Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area. This territory has high potential in terms of the biological diversity and is an outstanding example of modern ecological and biological processes in the evolution of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.

The project on preparation of the nomination "Daurian Steppes" (Daurian Landscapes), which was started within the framework of Russian–German collaboration in the field of nature conservation, will last until the end of May 2013. The project will include the elaboration of the nomination's dossier, organization of three international working meetings, performance of field studies in the nominated area, and publication of the booklet "The Daurian Steppes - the potential World Heritage property". The project is coordinated by the Natural Heritage Protection Fund with the support of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. The experts from the Daursky Nature Reserve and the Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area, as well as the employees of the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences; D.S. Likhachev Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage; Institute of Biology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences; and the Academy for Nature Conservation (Isle of Vilm), and Dresden University of Technology will participate in the project.


doc Resolution Regional working meeting «Daurian Steppes» (Landscapes of Dauria) as a potential transnational World Heritage Property