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The Lena Pillars nomination file sent to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The Lena Pillars nomination file for inscription of the Nature Park of the same name of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on the World Heritage List has been sent to the World Heritage Centre. The Lena Pillars is the 12th natural complex nominated by Russia for receiving the high status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (8 sites have already been inscribed onto the List, 2 have been neglected and 1 is being presently considered by the World Heritage Centre).


Russian Version of World Heritage Information Kit Published

The Russian edition of the World Heritage Information Kit '2005 by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, has come out. The Russian version of the publication was prepared by the Natural Heritage Protection Fund with the support of the TNK-BP Company.


IUCN Expert Mission to Putorana Reserve

An IUCN expert mission visited the Putoransky State Nature Reserve, Moscow and Norilsk from 28 August to 5 September, within the framework of the project to inscribe the Putorana Plateau natural site on to the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the trip, the expert mission examined the relevant documents at the Putorana Reserve office and held numerous meetings with the staff of the reserve, as well as researchers of the Extreme North Agricultural Research Institute and the Museum of History and Development of the Norilsk Industrial Area. The mission also included a helicopter flight to evaluate the state of conservation of natural complexes of the nominated property. On the 5th of September the final meeting between the IUCN expert and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Rosprirodnadzor was held.


Working group for Volga Delta nomination visits Astrakhansky Natural State Reserve

The working group for the preparation of the Volga Delta World Heritage nomination visited the Astrakhansky Natural State Reserve on August, 5-13, in the framework of the NHPF project "Specific Nature Conservation Measures in the Volga Delta". The trip was organized with the support of the Euronatur and the UNDP/GEF. Representatives of the NHPF, Moscow State University, the Institute of Geography RAS, the Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S. Likhachev took partin the trip.


Sub-Regional Meeting on the Nomination of the West Tien-Shan as a Natural Heritage Site

Sub-Regional Meeting on the nomination of the West Tien-Shan as a transboundary Natural Heritage site attended by specialists from Kasakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan was held with the support of the UNESCO July 18-19, in Almaty.


The 31st Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee

At the 31st Session of the World Heritage Committee which took place on 23.06-02.07 in Christchirch, New Zealand, 22 new sites (5 natural, 16 cultural and 1 mixed sites) from 22 countries have entered the World Heritage List. Now the List counts 166 natural, 660 cultural and 25 mixed sites.


Working up the transboundary nomination "Western Tien-Shan"

Natural Heritage Protection Fund will take part as expert in the "Working up the transboundary multiple nomination "Western Tien-Shan" project which has started within the frames of the Global Strategy for working up a balanced, representative and reliable World Heritage List.


Meeting on management plan for the Ubsunur Hollow Reserve

Within the frames of the "Biodiversity Conservation in Altai-Sayan Region" UNDP/GEF project on May, 23-24 in Kysyl took place the adjusting meeting for working up management plan for the Ubsunur Hollow Reserve, the Russian part of the International World Heritage site of the same name. A. Butorin, the President of the Natural Heritage Protection Fund, takes part as the UNDP/GEF consultant.


Project "Catalyzing development of Kugu Kakshan Reserve" launched

A joint project of the Natural Heritage Protection Fund and the EcoCenter "Zapovedniks" "Catalyzing local socio-economic development using the natural and cultural potential of the planned Biosphere Reserve of Kugu Kakshan" has been launched. The project is supported by the European Union.


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