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IUCN Recommends the World Heritage Committee to Inscribe Landscapes of Dauria on the List

According to the rules of the procedure, recommendations of the consultative bodies have been published on the Session web-site before opening the 41st Session of the World Heritage Committee. Thus, IUCN recommends the Committee to “Inscribe the Landscapes of Dauria (Mongolia / Russian Federation) on the World Heritage List under criteria (ix) and (x)”. Inscription of the Landscapes of Dauria on the World Heritage List can become one of the most prominent nature-protective events in the Year of Ecology in Russia.


Bikin River Valley Nomination Recognized as “Complete”

The Bikin River Valley nomination prepared from 2009 to 2016 by the Natural Heritage Protection Fund with the support of the Amur Branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature and transferred to the World Heritage Centre on the 30th of January, 2017, underwent the technical assessment of completeness.


Additional Documentation to Landscapes of Dauria Nomination Transferred to World Heritage Centre

The information that was requested by the IUCN in addition to the transboundary Russian-Mongolian nomination “Landscapes of Dauria”, which had been referred back by the decision of the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee, has been transferred to the World Heritage Centre. The issue of inscribing the Landscapes of Dauria on the List will be reconsidered during the 41st Session of the Committee in July 2017. 


Bikin River Valley Nomination Transferred to World Heritage Centre

After the necessary endorsements with the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the package of the documents for representing the Bikin River Valley territory (Primorsky Kray) on the World Heritage List has been transferred to the World Heritage Centre. The territory is nominated within the boundaries of the Bikin National Park created in 2015 in order to extend the Central Sikhote-Alin site.


The World Heritage Committee continued its work from 24 to 26 October 2016 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

The World Heritage Committee completing its 40th session which began in Istanbul from 10 to 17 July 2016.

The Committee finished its deliberations, including discussions concerning the budget and revision to the Operational Guidelines of the World Heritage Convention. The Committee also elected the members of its Bureau, which coordinates the work of the Committee during its sessions. The new members of the Bureau for the 41st session are Angola, Kuwait, Peru, Portugal and Republic of Korea as Vice-Chairpersons, with Prof. Jacek Purchla (Poland) as Chairperson and Mr Juma Muhammad (United Republic of Tanzania) as Rapporteur.

41st session will be held from 2 to 12 July 2017 in Kraków, Poland.


The results of the 40th session of the world heritage Committee

The World Heritage Committee, meeting in Istanbul, Turkey from 10 to 17 July has inscribed 21 sites on the World Heritage List. They include 12 cultural sites, six natural and three mixed sites. The World Heritage List now numbers 1052 sites in 165 countries.


Западный Тянь-Шань включен в Список всемирного наследия

Сегодня, после возобновления работы 40-й сессии Комитета всемирного наследия, в Список включен серийный трансграничный природный объект «Западный Тянь-Шань». Комитет признал его выдающуюся мировую ценность в соответствии с критерием x (содержит ареалы наибольшей важности и значения с точки зрения сохранения в них биологического разнообразия).


Возобновлена подготовка номинации «Долина реки Бикин»

Возобновлена подготовка пакета документов для представления в Список всемирного наследия территории долины реки Бикин (Приморский край) для расширения объекта «Центральный Сихотэ-Алинь». Необходимые документы планируется представить в Центр всемирного наследия до конца 2016 года для их рассмотрения Комитетом всемирного наследия летом 2018 года.


Marine scientists gather in Paris to explore World Heritage potential in the Arctic

Marine science experts from around the world gathered at UNESCO’s Headquarters in a two-day working meeting to explore possible new marine World Heritage sites in the Arctic. Experts discussed unique and exceptional Arctic features that could potentially merit inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list for their nature conservation values.


Additional documents related to The Landscapes of Dauria nomination were forwarded to the World Heritage Centre

Additional documents related to transnational Russian–Mongolian nomination The Landscapes of Dauria that required further renewal according to the decision adopted at the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee were transferred to the World Heritage Centre.


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